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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  August 2, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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a wax figure unveiled of tom brady. picture tweeted out by a reporter in boston. brings to light some other questionable images from the past. remember the courtroom sketch from deflategate, we wanted to show you the wax figure. you can say for the first time in your life, you are better looking than tom brady. that wax figure was -- i know you love that. you love tom brady. >> no one is better looking. >> man or woman. >> thank you. thank you for joining us. >> at this house with indicate ba kate bolduan starts now. i am kate bolduan. we are following breaking news. president trump signing the russia sanctions bill a short time ago. it slaps moscow for the meddling
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in the 2016 election further ratcheting up the tension with the kremlin. remember, the sanctions were approved with overwhelming support by both chambers of congress. there was question after that what the president actually was going to do here. now we have the answer. he signed the bill. just moments from now we will be hearing from the president live. he is expected to talk about another campaign pledge, reforming the u.s. immigration system. rather, the president expected to roll out a new bill targeting legal immigration. we will have that announcement for you live. let's get over to the white house now. the president signed the sanctions bill we're told a short time ago. is there a statement from the president? why no photo op? >> we haven't seen a statement. there's a photo of him signing the bill. we have not gotten that yet. white house officials confirmed he signed this bill and we will
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get a statement shortly. this bill has been on his desk since friday. it's one of the first major pieces of legislation that the president is signing. as you know, it passed through congress with veto-proof majority. even if it president hadn't signed it, congress would have been able to override his veto. we heard from the white house officials saying the president would sign it, he would sign it. today he finally has. we have seen some response from russia before president trump even signed this bill. russian president vladimir putin told the u.s. they would have to cut their diplomatic staff in russia. he seized two diplomatic compounds. we have seen a response to the sanctions that are in response to russian meddling in the 2016 election as well as their military aggression in ukraine and syria. we have seen that response from russia before this bill was even signed today. >> absolutely. there's that breaking news. what else are we going to hear from the president later this
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hour? >> the president and two conservative senators here at the white house any minute are expected to unveil new legislation on legal immigration. they're looking to cut those numbers in half. as you know, this is something the president talked about multiple times on the campaign trail. he voiced concern about jobs for american workers. we're likely to hear more from him on that here soon. >> a lot of questions around that as well. let's see what kind of response it gets from capitol hill. thank you so much. we are following breaking news with regard to north korea. its recent missile tests not just posing a hypothetical threat to the united states but a real and immediate threat in this regard. cnn is learning the missile that the regime launched friday came close to a commercial passenger jet. barbara starr has details on this for us. barbara, what do we know about how close of a call this was? >> well, it wasn't anything like a near miss or a super close call. but it is something that was very unsettling, because the
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north koreans are firing these missiles off into the sea off the coast of japan. this is an area that is very heavily trafficked by commercial airliners and commercial shipping. the problem is, north koreans are not notifying aircraft or mariners that they are doing this. that would be standard practice. there's a lot of concern that they are just coming too close. what has been learned -- we want to say abc news was the first to report this -- that an air france flight actually passed through the very area quite close to where the missile impacted about seven to nine minutes before the impact. seven to nine minutes the aircraft was well beyond the missile impact zone when it hit. a little too close for people to be super comfortable about it. in fact, air france putting out a statement perhaps to reassure aviation customers. air france saying about this
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flight, north korea's missile test zones do not interfere with air france flight panels. we con stanstantly analyze dang fly over zones and adapt accordingly. airliners making the extraordinary effort to actually say they can stay safe from north korean missiles flying overhead. not something that an airliner expects to have to deal with. a lot of concern about all of this. >> yeah. unsettling. barbara, thank you so very much. joining me to discuss all of this is republican senator lindsey graham of south carolina. thanks for the time. >> thank you. >> first let's start with north korea. this news barbara was telling us about, the commercial jet, what do you say about that? >> i don't think there's an up side to north korea having an icbm for anybody, including air france. for 20 years, we have threatened the north koreans, we have sanctioned them, we have sent
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madeleine albright. nothing worked. the garbage is piling up. president trump has drawn a red line. he has said very directly to me and others and publically he will not allow them to get an icbm that would be nuclear tipped to hit the american homeland. he would use military force to stop it. that's where we are headed if they don't stop. >> when discussing this yesterday, you took some heat for your comments that basically a war with north korea is inevitable if they continue with trying to enhance the missile program. spider marks, he called your comments unfortunate. diane feinstein said this. >> my reaction is that lyindsey graham should get a classified briefing like the ones i have had and sit down with secretary mattis, which i have done.
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>> do you stand by your assessment here? >> absolutely. i like the general a lot. he's a fine man. feinstein is a terrific senator. it's this thinking that allows north korea to have dozens of nuclear weapons, not just one. they're going to have dozens of missiles if somebody doesn't stop them. they will have a hydrogen bomb if somebody doesn't stop them. i like secretary tillerson. his job is to find a diplomatic solution. i hope he can. when he says north korea is not our enemy, tell that to auto warmbier's family. i think this approach that they're talking about has failed. it's time for a new approach much we need to let china know we will pick our homeland defense over regional stability if we have to choose between an icbm in the hands of the north koreans and a conflict in the region, we're going to choose the conflict to protect the american homeland.
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quite frankly, president trump has no other choice. everybody before him has failed. >> have you heard a clear message on this from -- >> no. >> from the administration? you cite rex tillerson. then you have the commander in chief, which is unclear. >> i've heard a clear message from the president. secretary mattis, you have a clip when i asked him is it the policy of the trump administration to deny north korea an icbm capability to hit the homeland, he said it was. not to contain the threat but to deny it. secretary tillerson is trying to convince the chinese we are not trying to unify the peninsula. if john kerry said what he said, we would be all over him. we need to accepted a clear message to north -- >> you think what tillerson said was unartful? >> yes. we should have a clear message that this threat is not going to mature to the point it can hit america, that if we have to use military force, we will. i don't believe north korea will
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change until they believe america is serious about the military option. the military option would be devastating. the last president who drew a red line against a dictator was obama against assad, 400,000 people have died when he refused to enforce it. i think president trump has no other choice. he has to pick homeland security over regional stability. the way to end this is to have china convince the north koreans to stop the missile program. >> can you do that with trade restrictions? >> i think let's do everything short of war that we can. the military option should be the last option. here is what i do believe -- >> how close are we to the military option? >> i don't know. i know trump will do it if he has to. no president can allow this guy, kim jong-un, to get a missile to hit america. that would be incredibly irresponsible. let's try sanctions on china. do whatever we can.
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dennis rodman, that didn't work. sanctions haven't worked. the only thing that will work is if they believe this president will use military force to protect america. if they believe that, we will get a different outcome. it's up to president trump to deliver a firm, unequivocal message to north korea and china. secretary tillerson's job is to find a diplomatic solution. i would suggest that what he said about north korea was at best inartful. >> what is it at worst? >> i think it gives mixed messages and they continue to believe we're not serious. i know what a military attack would look like in north korea. it would be hobbrrible. at the end of the day, that may be the only option left to protect the american homeland. i want to create two bad options for china. one option china has is to deal with this nut on their border, which is unpleasant. the other option is to deal with a massive u.s. attack to protect the american homeland, which would be even more unpleasant. they need to have bad options,
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not just us. >> let me ask you about this, another international issue, russia. the president, we learned, signed the russia sanctions bill. he has made a big show of signing even executive orders in the past. ever since taking office. this was signed, no notice, no cameras as far as i can see and no fanfare. what does that tell you? >> i think, one, i'm glad he signed the bill. we would override the veto. i'm glad he did. secretary tillerson said some things about russia that are unnerving. he says it's a mistake to sanction russia. it hurts his ability to reengage russia. i can only tell you that the congress -- president putin has done something nobody else in america could do. unite the congress. the fact he does this kind of quietly i think reinforces the narrative that the trump administration is not really serious about pushing back on russia. i think that is a mistake.
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putin will see this as a sign of weakness. >> on the russia investigation, the white house is now confirmed the president weighed in on the initial statement put out by don junior about the meeting with the russia lawyer. before that was confirmed, you said if it was true, it would be a bad decision by the president. you said, when you get caught in a lie, it makes it harder to let the other stuff go. how problematic is it? >> if he was involved in drafting the statement on saturday, which was completely misleading about the actual meeting, then he has reinforced the narrative you have to look harder when he speaks about russia. if he knew the e-mail existed, which clearly was an offer by an intermediary to have the russia government help the trump campaign, it wasn't about adoption, if he knew that existed and he was part of drafting the statement, then that was incredibly misleading to the american public. i think it put his son in jeopardy. it sends yet another signal that
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when it comes to trump and russia, that he is not resolved to deal with them. at the end of the day, russia sees all this as a sign of weakness. the congress is united, we're strong. if president trump got firm in his response to russia, we would see change. >> one more thing about russia that we're just learning about this morning. speaking of secretary tillerson, he is resisting pleas. maybe it's threatening to not use -- to stop using, to cut $80 million of money allocated by congress to combat russian disinformation and terrorist propaganda. this is something you were involved in. >> i will write him a letter. i'm not going to base my decision on a news article. the ranking democrat and i will write to secretary tillerson. i created this account. it's an account to allow front line states like the baltic states, georgia, ukraine to
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fight back against russian interference in their economy and their democracy. they are under seeiege by russi. if the secretary of state says i don't want to use this money, that's just yet another sign that when it comes to russia, we're incredibly weak. i can't figure this out. maybe the article is wrong. >> what does it add up to? what does this all add up to? >> it makes one wonder why the trump administration is so different than everybody else on russia. that's what it adds up to me. the president is right on north korea to draw a red line so our homeland can they have be attacked with a nuclear-tipped missile. it's right to rebuild the military. he is doing a lot of things right as commander in chief. but when it comes to russia, i'm glad he signed the legislation, but what tillerson is saying about the sanctions, this idea i may not use money to help democratic states under siege by russia, adds up to a signal that
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we are not serious in the trump administration of dealing with russian interference in our home, here in our backyard and abroad. that invites more aggression. >> you served on the armed services committee. big supporter of the military. the president announced the ban on all transgender people from serving in the military a week ago today. the pentagon has yet to receive any formal policy memo from the white house on exactly what he means. do you think members of the military deserve guidance? >> yes. i think we should not act until we get a report back from the department of defense. >> do you think he will draw it back? i think mattis said it wasn't going to be ready until december. do you think trump should retract it? >> i will leave that up to the president. i know congress is not going to act until we get information. i don't know why he sent out the tweet. i don't know why you would tweet something like that until you first talked to the military. all i can say is that general
8:16 am
kelly as chief of staff was a great choice by president trump. i want to help president trump deal with north korea, rebuild the military, cut taxes and find a way to fix health care. >>. >> john: general kelly is not going to stop the president from treating. >> he has a calming influence. i'm looking forward. we're not going to change transgender policy based on a tweet. if there's a change, it will be based on facts and circumstances and recommends from the department of defense. we're going to be very professional. i think thousands of transgender military service members, we're not going to pull the rug out from under them. we're not going to do that. >> a lot of news we didn't get to. thank you very much for your time. i appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up, the president says his mexican counterpart called him to talk about what a great job he has been doing on border security. one hiccup in that. mexi mexico's president says that never happened. that's not the only call people
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are questioning today. is the trump administration preparing to sue colleges over affirmative action? a new report says the justice department is now looking to fight what they say is discrimination against white applicants. details on that coming up. any moment now, president trump is set to endorse a plan that would curb legal immigration. he would will bring that to you live. stick with us. a lot we will pack in in one hour. binders. done. super-cool notebooks. done. that's mom taking care of business. but who takes care of mom? office depot/office max. this week, filler paper just one cent with five dollar minimum purchase. ♪taking care of business.
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now a story of president trump and phone calls. on monday he said mexico's president called him to talk about what a great job they have done to secure a border. mexico's president says that did not happen. that's not the only call in question. an official with the boy scouts says the organization is not aware of any leadership of the boy scouts calling president trump to praise his speech at their national jamboree as the president claimed they did in a wall street journal interview. what is it, the president, the calls, who is right, who is wrong? >> that's a great question. we haven't figured out the answer yet. what you are referencing, the
8:22 am
comment from the mexican president that trump says happened occurred during his meeting with john kelly, minutes after he had been sworn in. they were in the cabinet room and trump was praising john kelly and made a comment about mexico. let's listen to what he said. >> you know, the border was a tremendous problem. now close to 80% stoppage. even the president of mexico called me. they said their southern border few people are coming because they know they're not going to get through our border, which is the ultimate compliment. >> that might have been the ultimate compliment for donald trump. but it might not have happened. the president of mexico released a statement today saying he has not spoken to donald trump recently over the phone. we will put his statement up on the screen. the last time they met was at the g20 summit in germany. mexico is saying they have not spoken to donald trump since then. we reached out to the white house, but they haven't gotten
8:23 am
back to us on the last time they spoke. if they didn't speak, then we're not sure where this comment came from that trump said on monday. all of this is part of a larger looming problem of white house credibility. as you mentioned earlier, president said that the head of the boy scouts called him to tell him the speech he gave to a group of boy scouts last week was the greatest they had ever had. the head of the boy scouts said that as far as he is aware, no one has spoken to the white house. then also yesterday, we saw there's a changing narrative on how donald trump junior's statement about that meeting with a russian lawyer at trump tower last summer was crafted. there's a lot of changing narratives and changing stories that are coming out of the white house right now. >> it appears so. thank you so much. joining me right now angela rye, mary katherine hamm. her book is being rereleased. kiersten powers is here and mark
8:24 am
preston is here. mark said to me just today -- he called me. he said, you are the smartest person i have ever met on television. >> ever is what i said. >> one problem, you would never have made that phone call to me. >> i would have done it in person. >> there you go. good save. when do you believe what the president says? >> i don't think you can. the credibility problem is bigger than telling fibs or white lies. you are talking about world leaders who are looking inward at the united states when you talk about trade deals or nato or russia or north korea, iran, iraq. if these world leaders are watching these lies take place now, over these little things in some ways, they have to start to wonder, is he going to lie to us on the bigger issues? i would add -- if my children are watching, i'm not advocating this.
8:25 am
they're not even good liars. he's not a good liar. if you are a really good liar, i might have some respect for you. wow, you were really good at lying. they haven't been. >> i was going to make a joke. i will keep moving on. i can't believe you ate that wheel of cheese. i'm impressed. why make this up? why make -- they seem to small in the grand scheme of what the president is tasked with and what we ask of the president and what we want to hear from the president. just talking about being -- border security and how great your speech was, why make this up? >> my question with him is, is he lying or does he have a distorted reality and he believes these things are happening? which is even more concerning, frankly. maybe somebody else said this and he transposes it.
8:26 am
i had this experience when i interviewed him. he complained and said, why did she say i said that, i never said that. and it was on tape two times. but it wasn't like he was angry. it was sort of like he didn't have a memory of saying it. i have always wondered where this comes from. does he know he is lying? does he believe these things happened? it does seem strange. it's verifiable. when the boy scout -- when he said that about the boy scouts i was like, that never happened. you know it never happened. yet -- he knows we can find out. but he still says it. >> he wantes to hear these things, so then he says them so he can hear them. the thing that strikes me as you were saying about the incompetence of this, which is you think a boy scout will not blow up your spot? they are boy scouts. he will be -- he will tell the
8:27 am
truth. people will have a choice to believe the head of the boy scouts or donald trump. they will probably side with the boy scout. >> you can talk about this, but folks home in tennessee, they don't care about these statements that come from the president. they care about getting health care through. they care how great the economy is doing. >> you do. you don't just hear it from republicans. you hear it from democrats. there are democrats that say we should be focusing on these normal national policy issues. >> i understand. but i think it's very important for us -- those of us that appear on the news that are supposed to talk about what's happening with the country, to ensure people know what's going on, to the point of donald trump lying, i don't know if it's a lie or to your point if he's delusional. i will stop doing that.
8:28 am
i think cease sit's important t understand. this is the reason why there should be legislation to ensure a presidential can't gets a psychological evaluation. that's keeping it real. this is -- legislative. we can high five on that. >> let's talk -- >> i would not pass that psychological evaluation myself. >> you would be okay. >> bring it in. focus it in. "the new york times" is reporting that the justice department is looking to target affirmative action in school admissions. it's investigating and they're looking into investigating and suing universities with policies deemed to discriminate against white applicants. if you see it, it's a move towards the conservative wing. looks like it would be done in the area of the department of justice where there are political appointees. >> it's maddening.
8:29 am
we are in an era where tech companies, fortune 500 companies have made the case that diversity impacts your bottom line. why would we reverse the line where people can be in environments where they are learning not just from a diverse group of experiences but diverse people. race conscious policies in admissions practices are fair, are right, are the right thing to do and are constitutional. i don't understand why this is the push when civil rights division was set up to address groups that have suffered oppression in this country. deal with that instead of trying to re -- if we know people are race conscience, we're going in the wrong way. >> this is jeff session's department of -- >> some is the normal transition from one ideology to another in justice department. i like the fact it's anticipa -
8:30 am
racial discrimination that's okay. there's shady stuff -- hold on. quotas are not allowed but other things are. you have to walk a line. there are violations at times. you have to police that line. investigating that is a form of protecting people from discrimination. >> i would be careful with the wording. they did not rule -- i'm being care -- >> this is an internal memo. let's see what happens from that. we didn't get to half the topics i wanted to get to. it was fun and we did it together. thank you so much. coming up, republicans signaling a willingness to work with democrats on repairing the health care system, even shorg up obamacare. i can't believe i'm saying it. what about the president's call to let obamacare implode? how does that square? moments from now, we will hear from the president. he will speak live. he will unveil a new plan, endorsing a plan to curb legal
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the price we say is the price you pay. moments from now, president trump is set to endorse a plan to curb legal immigration. he will speak about reforming the system. he will bring you those remarks live. will he discuss the russia sanctions will he signed into law this morning? we will bring you those remarks live when they begin. we're watching this. repeal and replace, maybe it's more or less like repair and renovate right now. on the other side of congress, senators is planning to look at ways to fix the individual
8:36 am
insurance market. is the white house on board with these new bipartisan efforts? brianna keilar is tracking this. where are we right now? >> right now, i would say where the senate and house is is in a different place where the white house is. you are hearing this push from the white house to repeal the whole thing. or to let obamacare implode. there's a lot of frustration from senate republicans who feel like we tried, we tried, we tried, we lost by one vote, we cannot repeal and replace obamacare at this point. mitch mcconnell wants to move on. he wants to move on to other things, tax reform, dealing with the debt ceiling. they're looking at this threat from the white house about getting rid of subsidies. if you are a lower income american and you require a subsidy to pay for health insurance and the federal government doesn't pay that, you can see how that throws it into
8:37 am
turmoil. i was talking to an aide. they said if that happens, republicans and president trump are going to own the failure of obamacare. there's talk about working with democrats to do something in the house and the senate. at this point, we're looking at hearings in september. the house, while there is action between democrats and republicans, it's really the senate where the action is. it's going to be some time. >> absolutely. thank you for bringing us up to speed. joining me to discuss the state of health care, congressman ron desantis. it's great to see you. >> good to see you. >> it's assured that president trump will be interrupting us. but let's talk until we see the president come to the cameras to talk about immigration. i have seen the statements you put out. you agree with the issue of ending payments to insurance plans of members of congress and their staff. do you agree with what we were talking about? do you agree with the president
8:38 am
on wanting to cut the subsidy to insurance companies to help lower income americans afford coverage? >> here is the issue. neither are authorized by law. the house of representatives actually initiated a lawsuit to deal with the csr payments because obamacare never appropriated any money for it. my position with the president is i don't think constitutionally he can do it. if he wants do it, he has to go to congress and get an appropriation. i would not want -- that money, it's pitched as helping low income people. it goes to insurance companies. sending more money to insurance companies is not the way to make health insurance more affordable. that's been my concern with watching what's going on quote unquote bipartisan. i'm not seeing any proposals to actually deal with the root of why the insurance markets are imploding. what i'm seeing is throwing money at the problem to try to paper over these problems. any of the proposals i'm seeing would not solve the problems.
8:39 am
>> i want to get to the bipartisanship. on this issue of the payments to insurance companies to lower costs for lower income americans, republicans are not on the same page as they haven't been on many issues when it co s comes to the health reform. lamar alexander is spearheading an effort to stop that from happening, to stop the threat that the president laid out from happening. charlie dent is working on this. here is what he has to say. >> first, withholding that money would ultimately hurt a lot of people making between 100 and 200% of the poverty level trying to afford insurance. that would be a mistake. >> in the absence of healthcare reform -- it hasn't moved anywhere in the senate. do you support the president making these cuts. charlie dent says it will hurt people. >> i wouldn't do it to use it for -- >> i'm sorry to interrupt. let's go over to the white house. president trump speaking live.
8:40 am
>> thank you very much. it's great to be here today to unveil legislation that would represent the most significant reform to our immigration system in a half a century. i want to thank senators tom cotton and david purdue for their work in putting together this historic and very vital proposal. as a candidate, i campaigned on creating a merit-based immigration system that protects u.s. workers and taxpayers. and that is why we are here today, merit-based. the raise act, the raise act will reduce poverty, increase wages and save taxpayers billions and billions of dollars. it will do this by changing the way the united states issues green cards to nationals from other countries. group cards provide permanent
8:41 am
residency, work authorization and fast track to citizenship. for decades, the united states was operated and has operated a very low scaled immigration system. issuing record numbers of green cards to low wage immigrants. this policy has placed pressure on american workers, taxpayers and community resources. among those hit the hardest in recent years have been immigrants and very importantly minority workers competing for jobs against brand-new arrivals. it has not been fair to our people, to our citizens, to our workers. the raise act ends chain migration and replaces our low skilled system with a points based system for receiving a green card. this competitive application process will favor applicants who can speak english, financially support themselves and their families and
8:42 am
demonstrate skills that will contribute to our economy. the raise act prevents immigrants from collecting welfare and protects u.s. workers from being displaced. that's a very big thing. they're not going to come in and immediately go and collect welfare. that doesn't happen under the raise act. they can't do that. crucially, the green card reforms in the raise act will give american workers a pay raise by reducing unskilled immigration. this legislation will not only restore our competitive edge in the 21st century but the bonds of trust between america and its citizens. this legislation demonstrates our compassion for struggling american families who deserve an many gracious syst immigration system that puts their needs first and america first. the reforms in the raise act will help ensure that newcomers
8:43 am
to our wonderful country will be assimila assimilated, will succeed and achieve the american dream. i would like to invite senator cotton and purdue to say a few words. thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. president. i'm very excited to be here with senator purdue and president trump to be introducing the new version of the raise act. our legal immigration system should accomplish two main goals. one, it should help american workers get a decent pay raise and have a higher standard of living. it should promote economic growth, make america more competitive. our current system doesn't do that. it's over a half accept tcentur. it's a disaster. it's time to change. first, we bring over a million immigrants into this country a year. that's like ardi inadding the population of arkansas every three years.
8:44 am
the vast majority of those immigrants come here not because of their english language abilities or job skills or job offer or educational attainment. only one in 15 out of a million new immigrants come here because of their job skilz als and abil to succeed. it puts great downward pressure on people who work with their hands and work on their feet. for some people, they may think that's a symbol of america's virtue and generosity. i think it's a symbol we're not committed to working class americans. we need to change that. second, we also lose out on the very best talent coming to our country. the most ultra high skilled immigrants who can come here and bring their entrepreneurial spirit and capabilities and make a higher wage, create new jobs, speak english and contribute to
8:45 am
our economy and stand on their own two feet and pay taxes. not receive welfare. not drive down wages for working class americans. the raise act will change all of that by reorienting our green card system towards people who can speak english, who have high degrees of educational attainment, who have a job offer that pays more than a typical job in their local economy, who will create a new business, who are outstanding in their field around the world. i'm excited and i look forward to working with senator purdue and president trump to pass this legislation through the congress and make this kind of very fundamental sweeping change for the first time in over 50 years to our immigration system. thank you. >> thank you, tom. thank you, mr. president. good afternoon, everyone. first of all, mr. president i want to thank you for your leadership on this immigration topic. i think this is critical for our
8:46 am
country. you talked about it on the campaign trail. you said, job one was growing the economy. it's why i believe you are standing here and why i'm standing here. you said that it's as a fortune 500 ceo, i'm the only one in congress. i have lived around the world much of my career. nothing we're going to do is more important than this in terms of growing our economy. the reason we need do this is simple. our system does not work. it keeps america from being competitive. it does not meet the needs of our economy. today as tom said, we bring in 1.1 legal immigrants a year. over 50% of our households of legal immigrants participate in our social welfare system. one out of 15 come in with skills that are employable. we have to change that. as business guys, mr. president, you and i understand we need a new approach. we need to fix this immigration system. we took a look at best practices. we looked at canada, australia and others. what we're introducing is
8:47 am
modelled on the canadian and australian systems. it's pro worker, pro growth and it has been proven to work. both have been successful in attracting highly skilled workers to the countries. the goals of our nation's immigration system should be to protect working americans and to welcome talented vi eed individo want to make a better life. our system makes it virtually impossible to do that. if we're going to continue as an innovator and leader economically, it's imperative our immigration system focus on permanent workers who can add value to our economy and achieve their own version of the american dream. we're talking about something that's simple. it's a rational approach to immigration that will allow us to fix this broken system in a way that will reposition america as a global leader economically. i'm proud to stand here with you and tom cotton. i look forward to passing this and making this a law of the land and letting it be a
8:48 am
sweeping change for america. thank you. >> i just want to state that as you probably have noticed, the stock market hit an all-time record high today. over 22,000. we have picked up substantially now more than $4 trillion in net worth in terms of our country, our stocks, our companies. we have a growth rate, gdp which has been much higher than as you know anybody anticipated, except maybe us. it's going to go higher, too. we're doing a job. you are going to see jobs are pouring back into the country. factories and plants are coming back into the country. we're going to start making product in america again. that's happening all over. as i mentioned yesterday, foxcon will spend $10 billion in wisconsin and other places. i think the $10 billion is going to end up being $30 billion.
8:49 am
they make the iphones for apple and others. it's a truly incredible company. we have a lot of things happening that are really great. again, today, the stock market hit the highest level that it has ever been. and our country is doing very well. i just want to thank you all. tom and david are going to be outside. they're going to speak to you at length about what we're going do with respect to this aspect of immigration. i think it's going to be very, very important. the biggest in 50 years. biggest change in 50 years. thank you all very much. all ve. >> mr. president will you comment on russian sanctions, please? >> we were listening there to president trump and tom cotton introducing their plan to curb illegal immigration, and the
8:50 am
president was asked a question about him signing the russian sanctions bill. right now let's get to tony blanken, former secretary of state and former national security advisor under president obama. tony, it's great to see you. what the president is laying out right there with the senators, they're introducing a bill, but there's a long road to seeing how it fares in chambers of congress, but a merits based, points based immigration system. the point was that he wanted to curb illegal immigration by some 50%. from your post working with president obama on many issues of immigration. >> this is misguided and ultimately it's un-american. it's counter productive because if you curb avenues for legal immigration, there's going to be more wanting to come here
8:51 am
illeg illegally. and across the economic -- and at the high end of the spectrum, they're creating new companies. 40%, 50% of the new ventures in silicon valley. when you're cracking down on that, on legal migration across the spectrum, you're actually hurting the economy. it's un-american too, because this country has been built by wave after wave of immigrants. irish, italians, jews, asians, latinos, that's who we are. and we're saying, no, that's not who whie are, and i think it's profoundly wrong. >> what about president trump talking about more high skilled workers coming in, people that can support themselves, demonstrate real skills, it will help american workers and american wages. >> we want people coming across
8:52 am
the entire spectrum, again it starts at the low end too. the reality is many immigrants are taking jobs that people who are already here just don't want to do. by the way, if you happen to own a golf course or a hotel or a restaurant, chances are you're employing a lot of those low skilled laborers that are coming into this country. >> north korea, tensions are -- it feels like -- at an all-time high right now. lindsay graham stands by his assessment thath korea continue path of enhancing its missile program. lindsay graham also said that what he's hearing from the president and rex tillerson at the state department, are two different messages, as graham said to north korea, you are not our enemy, he said at best, it's inartful, at worst, it's mixed messaging.
8:53 am
what's your take? >> i heard senator graham say something else that was very important, japan has to encourage -- we have to sharpen that choice. we started to do that with president obama, i hope president trump continues. and it's pretty straight forward. the message to china should be, look, if you can't or won't help us solve this problem, and bring north korea to the table, we're going to have to continue to do things that are not aimed at you, that you don't like, more missile testing in the south china sea. and sanctions including businesses who are doing business with north korea. we have got to get the north koreans to at least stop testing this stuff, because the more they test, the closer they get to perfecting technology that can actually give them an
8:54 am
intercontinental ballistic missile that can hit here in the united states. we also have to build up our deterrence, make sure that we have all the adequate responses in place. but i don't think there is a good military solution, moats of their program is built under ground, we don't know where a lot of it is. they are mobile launchers that they can wheel out in a matter of minutes, even if we did know where things were and could get to it. >> the human cost can't be overstated. the human cost what it would be. let's see what the president has to say, that's what all eyes are on right now, the steps if there is one, on getting china to come down on north korea. and a new lawsuit has been filed about the murder of seth rich, we'll be right back.
8:55 am
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8:57 am
talking, texts, never serious because rod wheeler was always looking for a job, because he has no money. and this lawsuit is all about rod wheeler trying to get money. >> the lawsuit accuses that man of working with the white house to coordinate a false story, eventually it was retracted and completely debunked about the murder of dnc staffer seth rich. so chris, where does this story go? >> i mean obviously this is now pending litigation, kate, and this has been going on for more than a year, seth rich was murdered july 10th, 2016. it came back in the public view on that 16th of this year when fox news posted something based largely on what they said was rod wheeler's investigation, that suggested there were ties
8:58 am
between, that seth rich exchanged emails at wikileaks. this was seen as evidence somehow that there was coordination here, that this was not the russians involved in the hacking, et cetera, earth. conservative groups ran with it. a week later, may 23, fox news retracted that report. we're now back into this because of the lawsuit. obviously it's a lawsuit filed by rod wheeler. this is rod wheeler's version of events, but it's pretty damming, if you read through the claims made in the lawsuit. >> has there been a clear message from the white house on what they think out?
8:59 am
butowski was -- was asked if he had any knowledge of this on the day that the fox news came out allegedly linking the dnc and seth rich. he said i don't know anything about that, he told npr yes, i did meet with them, but they wanted to keep me updated. now yesterday at the press briefing, sarah huckabee sanders who's now sandeean's successor that role. and so that's where we're at. pending lawsuit, we're going to find out more, we're going to get the other side of this, but i would encourage folks to go and read the wheeler lawsuit, there are claims in it extensively as it relates to fox news and the white house. >> the claim of course, everyone should have their say, but also doesn't look good for fox news if its at all true that there was any coordination or any
9:00 am
creation of a story. >> wheeler said that the quotes that were attributed to him in that original story linking the two did not exist. he did not say them. >> chris, there's a lot to this story, but of course, you can read it and you should. thank you so much for joining us at this hour, "inside politics" with john king starts right now. thank you, kate, and welcome to "inside politics" i'm john king, thank you for joining us for sharing your day with us. number one the white house confirms the president's lawyer didn't tell the truth and it appears the president himself is stretching the truth in talking about phone calls, the boy scouts and the mexican government say never happened. the president a shortly time ago signed legislation that imposes new sanctions on russia because of its 2016 election interferen interference. the president


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